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Exquisite Remodeling for Bathrooms

Whether you remodel your bathroom on small, mid-range or large scale, experts recommend that the remodeling should not go above 65% of the initial building cost of the bathroom. According to remodeling experts, a master bedroom should not go any higher than 10% of the value of your home.


Remodeling a bathroom is one of the most sought-after renovation ideas that many homeowners pursue a few years after acquiring a home. However, a treat to your bathroom may sometimes call for an exquisite remodeling taste for you. Here is a look into grand ideas that will make your bathroom gain an executive look.


Creating Space

While it seems expensive, the need for space may just be greater than the worry for expenditure. Rather than squeezing your way through your bathroom, an overhaul in many things can help you get the space you need.


First, you can choose to reduce the number of cabinets in your bathroom. This will increase the are of free room in your bathroom. However, this will mean that you have lesser storage space, thus presenting another problem.


The second option that you can consider is borrowing space into the rooms adjacent to your bedroom. All you need is the skills of an architect, and some few permits to make the changes in your house.


You can also choose to use twin sinks rather than a single sink in your remodeling strategies for your kitchen. This will allow you to have time, together with your spouse when brushing your teeth, or preparing for work. You can also opt for a separate walk in shower and soaking tub, rather than a tub- shower combination. This will cost you some few more dollars though.


Heated floor installations

Another way that will make a meaning out of exquisite remodeling is the installation of a radiant floor. A radiant floor heats up using an electric element placed under the tiles. A heated floor means a lot to you if the chilled tiles kill the fan after a warm shower on a cold evening. Heated floors regulate their heat using a thermostat.


Natural Stone Floors

While many people think that using natural stone for the floor is cheap, an exquisite remodeling plan can work wonders with this type of flooring. An experienced architect and designer can make use of natural stone to bring out the best style and taste out of this floor.


Different Textures

You can always achieve an exquisite look by making use of furnishings and décor of various textures and designs. You can go for the stone floor, but accentuating it with solid marble, copper, and glass would achieve a better result for you.


Incorporated artwork

Artwork is always a welcome taste of finesse in the bathroom. Decorative artwork helps to bring in a sophisticated feel to your bathroom. When choosing artwork for your bathroom, opt for large pieces of art that can conspicuously accentuate a whole wall.



The incorporation of elegant lighting in your exquisite remodeling project will give you a large turn over for your investment. A dimly lit bathroom with a spot light on your artwork will spell a lot of taste and elegance in your bathroom. You can also install large candlesticks in your bathroom. Not only do they provide light to your home, but they also help in relieving and relaxing your mind when you take a bath.


Passion Design and Remodeling has a known reputation for their professional skill in upgrading bathrooms for many people. Achieving an exquisite taste and appeal to your bathroom will give you the satisfaction that comes with living a premium life. Not only will you see the value for your money, but you will also achieve in having a great bathroom.